Clean Baltic Sea projects


Goal: Clean Baltic Sea

The target of the Foundation’s Eutrophication projects is to bring about a visible improvement in the condition of the Baltic Sea By reducing the nutrient load of the Sea. We work where with one euro we can achieve the greatest possible impact on the environment.


News and press releases

“The Clean Baltic Sea activities of the John Nurminen Foundation have proven to be an excellent example of how the private sector can make a major contribution to boosting the efforts to clean the Sea. The Foundation has chosen to apply business sector principles in its activities. Projects have to be cost-efficient and bring concrete results in the shortest possible time. This has been a successful approach.

- President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö, Patron of the Clean Baltic Sea projects

Together we can save the Baltic Sea

In the Me and the Baltic Sea series our supporters and partners share their thoughts on why the Baltic Sea matters.

The Clean Baltic projects improve the condition of the Baltic Sea

Eutrophication projects

Eutrophication Projects work for reducing the nutrient load of the Baltic Sea in the entire catchment area. The fastest way to help the Sea is to reduce phosphorus load from the biggest polluters, for example, by improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment.

ENSI service

The risk of an oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Finland can significantly be reduced by taking the ENSI navigation service into use. The service improves communications between the bridge and the marine traffic control service centres.

About the Baltic Sea

News from the Baltic Sea, late summer 2015

Saline pulse brings relief to the main basin of the Baltic Sea

How does improved phosphorus removal work?

Phosphorus can be removed by chemical and biological methods. Chemical phosphorus removal is a cheap and effective first-aid method to protect the Baltic Sea.