Fund reports


The Foundation publishes a Clean Sea Fund Report twice a year, in March and September. The report communicates the progress and schedules of the Clean Baltic Sea projects as well as any changes and challenges the projects might face. The standard format report also includes information on the status of fundraising, indicating the accumulated sums in the Clean Sea Fund, the amounts already directed to project use, and the amounts of commitments, i.e. the sums reserved for ongoing and planned projects. The rules of the Fund can be found here.

The Clean Baltic Sea fund reports (2010–2017)

Report 6 March 2017

Report 6 Oct 2016

Report 4 May 2016

Report 21 Sep 2015

Report 4 Apr 2015

Report 16 Sep 2014

Report 17 Apr 2014

Report 19 Sep 2013

Report 27 Mar 2013

Report 27 Sep 2012

Report 4 Apri 2012

Report 1 Dec 2011

Report 15 May 2011

Report 30 Sep 2010

Report 31 Mar 2010