Baltic Sea Protection


Goal: Clean Baltic Sea

The target of the Foundation’s projects is to bring about a visible improvement in the condition of the Baltic Sea By reducing the nutrient load of the Sea.

News and press releases

Sinituote campaigns for Baltic Sea protection 24.4.2019

In recent years, eutrophication of the Baltic Sea has been a major …

Nord Stream 2 AG donated 10,000 euros to the John Nurminen Foundation 18.3.2019

Nord Stream 2 AG donated 10,000 euros to the John Nurminen Foundation …

Our projects to protect the Baltic Sea

Ongoing projects

In our projects for the protection of the Baltic Sea, we reduce the eutrifying nutrient load of the Baltic Sea in the entire catchment area.

Completed projects

The work of the John Nurminen Foundation consists of concrete actions that reduce discharges. The Foundation has worked for Baltic Sea protection for over 10 years, and during this time, it has launched several Clean Baltic Sea projects.

“The Clean Baltic Sea activities of the John Nurminen Foundation have proven to be an excellent example of how the private sector can make a major contribution to boosting the efforts to clean the Sea. The Foundation has chosen to apply business sector principles in its activities. Projects have to be cost-efficient and bring concrete results in the shortest possible time. This has been a successful approach.

- President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö, Patron of the Clean Baltic Sea projects