Completed Projects


The work of the John Nurminen Foundation consists of concrete actions that reduce discharges. The Foundation has worked for Baltic Sea protection for over 10 years, and during this time, it has launched several Clean Baltic Sea projects. Through treating the wastewaters of St. Petersburg and reducing the discharges from the fertilizer factory by the river Luga alone, the annual eutrophicating phosphorus load of the Gulf of Finland has been successfully reduced by as much as 75%. In terms of environmental impact, the Foundation’s St. Petersburg project is one of the most significant water protection projects ever carried out in the Baltic Sea.

After the St. Petersburg project, launched in 2005, the Foundation has kicked off various other projects all through the Baltic Sea area, reducing the phosphorus load from wastewaters, and increasing the Clean Baltic Sea project activities also in Finland.

Our work for a Clean Baltic Sea is guided by measurable results and impact. For each project, we calculate the price of one kilogram of removed phosphorus.