Marja Kurki scarves and ties


Marja Kurki handkerchiefs and ties – A wonderful gift for Christmas!

In November, the charming map-inspired product line from Marja Kurki introduces us to the warmth of its new designs.

The John Nurminen Foundation and Marja Kurki Ltd have agreed to launch the first collection just in time for the increasingly cool autumn days.

The designs and colours of scarves, handkerchiefs and ties have been carefully selected by representatives from both the Foundation and Marja Kurki, with the key idea being to use the wonderful imagery of the maps owned by the Foundation. Maps of both Scandinavia and the cosmos are featured in the maps chosen for the scarf. The size of the scarf is 90 x 90 cm, and of the handkerchief 28 x 28 cm.

Available from November onwards!

The products are available from November onwards via the John Nurminen web store and Marja Kurki shops and retailers.