In Memory donation


You can pay your respects to the memory of someone who has passed away by making a commemorative donation. Instead of buying flowers or condolence cards, a shared collection will support the work that helps preserve the Baltic Sea for future generations.

The family of the departed will receive a thank you letter, including a list of all donors and the total sum of the donations. The thank you letter will be sent out approximately 2 weeks after the memorial service.

Setting up an In Memory collection is easy. If you wish to set up a collection, fill in the required information below.

If a dedicated collection has not been set up, you can pay your respects to the memory of the departed by making a donation. Donate here.

In Memory donation ‒ how to set up a collection:

  • A family member of the departed, for example, can set up an In Memory donation. All donations made in memory of the departed will be directed to this collection. After an In Memory donation has been set up, this option to donate can be announced in a death notice or obituary.
  • Please fill in the following form with the information that enables us to monitor In Memory donations. If you wish to receive information on the final donated sum, along with the names of the donors, we will need your address and the date of the memorial service.
  • Please ask donors to fill in the following information in the ‘message’ section of a bank transfer form:
  • Name of the departed
  • Name of the donor(s)
  • This will help us ensure that the donations will be directed to the selected collection.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.