Project funding


Impact through concrete results

In 2005–2017, the Foundation has launched 29 Clean Baltic Sea projects, of which 18 have been completed. As a result of these activities, the Foundation’s own projects alone have cut the eutrophication-inducing phosphorus load of the Gulf of Finland by thousands of tonnes. Direct investment projects at wastewater treatment plants have for the most part been completed. As the Foundation’s operations expand, its impact has also grown year by year, with the Foundation receiving widespread acclaim for its work. On the strength of the results achieved, the Foundation has become the recipient of significant amounts of EU funding, the volume of which is only partly visible in the Foundation’s financial statement.

Funds available for the protection of the Baltic Sea

The funds raised by the Foundation for Baltic Sea protection are directed to the Clean Sea Fund. In the Foundation’s capital and reserves, the Fund is dealt with as a separate dedicated fund, the capital of which can only be used for a purpose that is in line with the Fund’s bylaws.  The purpose of the Fund is to work for a clean Baltic Sea, improving both the use value of the Sea and its value as a natural environment The target is to reduce nutrient loads that cause eutrophication in the Baltic Sea and, in particular, the Gulf of Finland, or to promote solutions to other environmental problems faced by the Baltic Sea, increasing awareness of its environmental status.

In 2005–2017, the Clean Sea Fund raised a total of €14.6 million, of which €12.0 million has been used in projects. At the end of 2017, funds received for ongoing projects, i.e. the capital of the Clean Sea Fund, was €2,735,778.

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