Project funding


The Clean Baltic Sea projects are funded with private donations and public funding. According to the decision by the Board of Directors, commitments must not exceed the amount of funds raised.

Companies supporting the Foundation are divided into four categories: principal sponsors, main partners, key supporters, and other supporters. The input from the Foundation’s long-term corporate supporters has been very significant, creating continuity for the Foundation’s operations.

The public stakeholders and supporters of the Foundation’s project include the European Union (Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013), the Ministry of the Environment, and the Finnish Transport Agency. The PURE and PRESTO projects, which are partly financed by the EU, invest in wastewater treatment plants at the Foundation’s target cities. The Finnish Ministry of the Environment supports the Finnish partners of these EU projects, helping them cover their own costs. Moreover, the Foundation applied for and received for the first time a €10,000 general grant for environmental education from the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. The Finnish Transport Agency, on the other hand, implements the Tanker Safety project in cooperation with the Foundation, and is responsible for the implementation and further development of the ENSI service, for example.

The Foundations issues fund reports twice per year, reporting on the progress and schedules of the Clean Baltic Sea projects and the status of Clean Sea fund and fundraising.

During 2005-2013, approximately 10.3 million euros has been raised, of which 7.6 million euros has been allocated to projects.